Yes, ladies and germs! The pride of France has defected to the United States. Theirry Henry, one of the most famous and infamous soccer stars, has signed a multi-year contract with the New York Red Bull.

Henry played in four World Cups, winning his first in 1998, and has been a key member of champions clubs like Arsenal of the English Premier League (of which he is the all time goal scorer), and Barcelona of Spain's La Liga.

However, Last year Henry only started in 15 matches with Barca and was in a circle of controversy after not getting called for a hand-ball (dubbed the "Hand of Gaul"), a move that allowed France to score a goal and knock Ireland out of the World Cup.

Henry even considered retiring from the sport after all the mayham that followed.

But the striker stuck to his guns and decided to stay in the game, but still did not get many opportunities to play for the Spanish giants.

So here we are now. This is as real as it gets. This is not a publicity stunt, nor will it be a sideline attraction. Henry is still, fairly, young and can still be a dominant force as a striker.

The rest of the MLS clubs are in red alert as the Red Bulls just made themselves serious contenders for the Cup.