On Wednesday, August 4th 2010, I had the privilege of taking a road trip to San Francisco and witness the Spanish giants, Real Madrid take on Club America of the Mexican league at Candlestick Park in a pre-season friendly. Madrid trumped America in an exciting 3-2 finish.

I arrived at the stadium shortly before opening whistle. I waited in line, and when I got into the stands I was welcomed with loud buzzing sound of the Vuvulezas!

Vuvuzelas had been around for some time and have been a staple of South African fandom, but in this past World Cup the horns became a household name. However, some athletes weren't too pleased with noise.

Midfielder Xabi Alonso of the reigning World Cup Champions (Spain) did not take the noise too kindly. "Those trumpets? That noise I don't like," confessed a sensitive Xabi. "FIFA must ban those things. It's not distracting, but it's not nice to have a noise like that."

When the negative comments started rolling in, I couldn't help but think, "grow up, it's not a big deal, live with it. stop being a baby, etc etc." The horns are a part of South African culture and should be welcomed and not scorned upon. However that all changed when I entered Candlestick Park.

I now understand why other outlets and organizations like:

  • Wimbledon
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Fuji Rock Festival
  • The Southeastern Conference of US college sports
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship events
  • Gaelic Athletic Association events
  • 2011 Rugby World Cup
  • Emirates Stadium
  • Atlanta Thrashers Home Games
  • Kontinental Hockey League
  • FIBA World Championship and other basketball tournaments

and others have banned the horns. They outlawed them because they're too freaken' annoying!

Seriously, It sounds like a swarm of bees. To be fair, the Vuvuzelas at Candlestick Park paled in comparison to those in WC matches in South Africa, but that small amount was enough to drive me nuts!

I couldn't hear the speakers announcing the subs and other info. I couldn't hear my buddy talking. I couldn't even myself think. That's how annoying they were.

So friends, Romans, countryman; lend me you eyes. Let us draft a proposition to ban these horns from hell. They are a menace to society and a disturbance of the peace.

Hark! i think someone is calling me on my cell phone. It's difficult to tell considering MY EARS HAVEN'T STOPPED RINGING!!!