A few days after Spain took to the world by storm and defeated the Dutch in a one-love war of attrition to become world champions, FIFA revealed an update in the world ranks.

No surprise that Spain tops the chart as the number one ranked nation in the world. The last they held that ranking was during last years Confederations Cup which they ended up losing in the semis to the Yankees, and thus, dropped from the charts. 

Brazil gets demoted to the number three spot and as a result of their early exit, the Brazilian Federation canned Coach Dunga.

Uruguay, and rightfully so, got promoted from 16th in the world to sixth. Their front man Diego Forlan was awarded the Golden Ball for being the best over all player and Lius Suarez was bestowed the Golden Hand prize for his stop against Ghana (I just made that last part up).

France and Italy were demoted and personally, it wasn't enough. France now sits as the 21st ranked nation and the Italians only got penalized to the 11th spot. Really?! 11th! They should be far lower in the ranks.

The Red, White, and Blue sit in the 13th spot just below the Greeks.

The surprising turn of events were for the Mexicans. They got pushed back to the 24th spot. They weren't impressive in the World Cup, but they didn't play horribly enough to get pushed back... In my opinion, they were probably penalized for elderly abuse; namely, playing Cuauhtémoc Blanco. He's old ladies and gentleman, that's all I'm saying.

The award for the most improved nation that participated in the WC goes to New Zealand! The All Whites did not lose a single match in the WC, they also didn't win one either. As a result, they were shipped home after the bracket stage. However, FIFA promoted the island 24 places moving them to 54th, in the world.

Biggest Loser award goes to Cameroon. Everyone expected a lot from the "Indomitable" Lions, but their star player Samuel E'eto (must like Lionel Messi of Argentina) plays perfectly for his club, but is a major flop for his nation. Cameroon got penalized 21 places and now sits 40th in the ranks.