For the first time since 2007 MLS has been the talk of the town the world over. Major League Soccer has always been regarded as the sub-par league in compared to those of Europe. But in 2007 when David Beckham left Real Madrid to sign with the Los Angeles Galaxy, MLS took center stage.

The same thing happened recently, French sensation Thierry Henry parted with his championship club Barcelona and signed a multi-year contract with the New York Red Bull of the MLS.

Henry has always commented on living and playing soccer in the United States, New York specifically. And now his dream is coming true.

The media questioned his intentions on signing with New York? Was this just for money? Is it a publicity stunt? etc etc.

Henry put all those questions to rest and specified that he is looking to give New York 100 percent and give them their first championship ever.

So, how is this different from David Beckham in 2007? And how is Henry better for the US?

Good question.You're so smart.

If you go all around the world David Beckham is a household name. Especially with the ladies who can't seem to get enough of the Englishman. We also know him for his wife, Posh Spice. Thus he is the perfect celebrity for America, just not as a sports figure.

Beckham is regarded as a play maker. Simply put, he creates and forges plays and scoring opportunities. Beck's has even admitted countless times that he's not a goal scorer. Most of the 60+ goals he has came from set pieces, he's mainly the assist man. And in America, we do not like that.

Here in the States, we like slam drunks, knock-outs, touchdowns, goals, home runs (chicks dig the long ball) and stuff that make highlights. We don't know or care who has the most assists. We want to see a KO's, not a technical fighter. Barry Bonds has the most homeruns, but who has the most RBI's?

This is why Beckham's presence in the States, in my opinion, failed to elevate the sport. Granted, it got a little more recognition, just not as much as we were hoping for. Hell, even Shaq ridiculed the midfielder and challenged him to a game of soccer.

Henry is different. He's a perfect ideal players to join the league. He is a finisher and that's what we want. A striker. A goal scorer. Someone who can make highlight plays. And as an American, that's what I want.