At the beginning of the season Liverpool was in turmoil. Nothing was going their way. The club was still adjusting to their new manager, Roy Hodgson, and questions on whether the club would be sold and to whom greatly affected the team on the pitch.

Keeper Pepe Reina was struggling with Liverpool and his national team. Fernando Torres could not get the right footing on the ball. Overall, there was no communication on the field and any match appeared to be a labor for the Reds.

On October 15th, John W. Henry and New England Sports Ventures bought the struggling club putting an end to the questions and struggles of ownership. Unfortunately, it was an inauspicious start for Henry as two days after the deal, Liverpool lost its derby to Everton. But as far as ownership, it was one less distraction on the pitch.

Slowly but surely, things started to fall back into place. Communication started to become apparent. And players with struggles finally stepped up and did something on the pitch. And as on right now, the fall to Everton was the last time Liverpool has fallen.

Captain Steven Gerrard single-handedly won their Europa League match against Napoli. The Italian club was leading 1-nil at the half, then Gerrard came in at the second scoring an unanswered hat trick for the 3-1 victory.

Before Sundays brawl with Chelsea, Liverpool, for the first time this season, had won two straight in the EPL finally putting them out of relegation.

Chelsea was going to be a big test, but the revitalized and re-energized club used that momentum and mowed over the Blues!

Torres, who had be struggling, came out of his shell and knocked in a brace. One at the 11th minute and the other 33 minutes later.

For the first time all season, Liverpool enjoyed playing the game of soccer. Communication was all throughout the pitch. Passing was crisp, and the final touches were a masterpiece.

With this major victory at home against a club so dominant as Chelsea, it is safe to say that this new Liverpool is ready and are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the EPL.

They are only five point away from being in the Champions League qualification zone. Too early to call, but Manchester City, watch out.