For some time now, Manchester United fans have been furious with the teams' owners for their unholy takeover as majority shareholders of the club, and poorly managing the team to the brink of bankruptcy.

Since 2005, When the Grazers took over, ticket prices have nearly doubled in price, if not surpassed. And the home town faithful do not approve.

Every Red Devil match at Old Trafford is plagued with signs from disgruntled fan expressing their disapproval of the ownership.

As a result of this spite, a new fashion trend had arisen; the green and gold scarves. A representation, a symbol of the absolute hatred for the owners (during the summer, any Man U employee seen wearing said scarf was fired on the spot). To add insult to injury, these protesters sing anti-Glazer songs on and off throughout the game.

Song like this one:

United's soul is never sold,
So proudly wear that Green & Gold,
We'll never wear our famous red till,
Glazers gone or even dead,
So raise that ancient standard high,
By Green & Gold we'll live or die,
That day will come again for sure,
When we can wear our red once more,

Pretty powerful stuff, huh? well, not really.

If the Manchester protesters really wanted to make a stand, if they are truly upset with the Glazers, and if they really wanted to have a statement be heard; they must STOP going to games.

The owners aren't going to listen songs or pay attention to green and gold scarves (by the way, the Packers of the NFL should adopt that, it would make more sense). The Glazers are business people, they listen to money. Money talks. The only way they'll start listening to complaints is when the seats are empty. Until then, don't waste your breath.