In mid-July the soccer world stood still when, now retired from French international duties, Thierry Henry signed a multi-year contract with the New York Red Bulls. This move can be the signing that opened Pandora's Box to other European stars defecting to the US.

"Everyone, around the world, they're coming to America," -- Neil Diamond 

Immediately after the strikers signing, rumors emerged that other notable athletes would cross the Atlantic. According to gossip, The Los Angeles Galaxy were supposed to sign the Brazilians sensation, Ronaldinho, as a response to the Henry deal.

Unfortunately, those were all talks and misgivings as Ronaldinho opted to stay with AC Milan. The strikers suffered a hamstring injury on August, 28th, and will be out for a week and as a result will miss the Emirates Cup friendlies.

But there is one rumor that is looking more and more likely and that is defender Rafa Marquez coming to America.

New York officials speculated and hinted on Marquez being part of the Henry move, but when the Frenchman signed, there was no Mexican to be found. But on August 31st, Barcelona cut all ties with the defender.

Marquez's contract with the Catalan club was suppose to expire in 2012.

Rafa has not commented on where he would like to play, but rather mentioned he has been talking to clubs and listening to offers. So, if the Red Bulls really are serious about another signing, this is the perfect time to take the bull by the horns, no pun intended, and pick up the defender before another club does. 

With Marquez in the backline, and Henry and Juan Manuel Angel in the front, the Red Bulls will surely be the favorites for the MLS Cup.

I hope you understand Spanish.