During the melee between Wayne Rooney and Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, fans and reporters alike speculated on possible outcomes.

Where would Rooney go?

The obvious clubs were Real Madrid or Barcelona who have to bankroll for such a signing. Would Germany or Italy be an option for the striker. Could he commit the sins of all sins and defect across town to Manchester City? Sky's were the limit.

Managers like Liverpool's Roy Hodgson stated if the Red Devils jettisoned Rooney, he would fight the good fight to keep his striker and World Cup winner Fernando Torres with the Reds.

But, more importantly, the Manchester faithful felt betrayed. One sign during last weekends match with Stoke City read, "Coleen may have forgiven you, but we haven't." Coleen being his wife.

Everyone expected Rooney gone at the opening of the transfer window. No one expected what was to come.

Very unexpectedly, Rooney signed a five year extension with Man U after a long meeting with Fergie, Manchester officials, and owners. Rooney and Fergie mentioned how great the other one was and hugged and took awkward looking photos. WHAT?!?!

At the same time of Rooney absence from the pitch, Javier Hernandez broke through and won the love and admiration of the Manchester faithful. But what will happen to Chicharito when Rooney comes back?

My guess is, Rooney won't get much playing time, and possibly no longer be with the club.

Sir Alex has a long history of creating drama with players. Some we know about clearly, e.g: literally throwing the boot at David Beckham's face and scaring him. Some, unfortunately, have not left the locker room.

Fergie is petty, and as a manger he will not, and shall not, harbor any insubordinate behavior. Had Rooney left at the transfer window, it would have been his doing, thereby, undermining, the manager.

But now, Sir Alex holds the cards through 2015. Fergie can clearly make a statement by making an example out of Rooney: No one should ever undermine him or face the wrath of Fergie.

That is why, it is a very good guesstimation Sir Alex will sell Rooney's contract for far more than its worth and buy young subordinate players.

Chicharito has stolen, nay, earned the spotlight at Old Trafford. He is the future of Man U now.