The 2009/2010 season throughout Europe had many notable and unforgettable events. Lionel Messi’s (Barcelona) performance in Spain’s La Liga, Didier Drogba (Chelsea) beating out Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) for the EPL’s Golden Boot, or Inter Milan’s Treble. However, those all true and good, nothing stood out more to me than the injuries.

Two to be exact.

The runner up goes to Arsenals central midfielder Aaron Ramsey. On February 27th, 2010, while in the melee of a heated Arsenal/Stoke City match, both defender Ryan Shawcross and Ramsey ran toward each other chasing a loose ball. Shawcross connected with a little bit more than the ball.

The midfielder managed to get a foot on it, but so did Shawcross, and then some. The youngster was too aggressive and cleared the ball guns blazing. The injury was quickly recognized by everyone on the pitch as the foot was dangling from above the ankle and medics rushed to the scene.

The injury reignited the horrific memorizes of when striker Eduardo was taken down in similar fashion years earlier.

The Stoke City defender was horrified of what had transpired and was reduced to tears as the referee issued his marching orders. And there went the season for Ramsey. However, things are looking better for him.

Recently, Arsenal announced the Welshman was back on his feet progressing as the days went by, and that he is expected to make his return to the team sometime in the Fall; no specific date was given. And, in even better news, Ramsey signed a multi-year contract with Gunners early this summer.

Coming from someone who’s suffered near career ending injuries, it may be a while longer before he’s completely 100 percent. The body might be healthy and stronger than ever, but mentally, that injury and other insecurity issues about the ankle are a little harder to overcome.